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Radiohead debut a brand new song in their latest From The Basement recording session. Entitled Staircase, it features a jittery back beat from Phil Selway and guest artist Clive Deamer underneath a steady build of synths and simple staccato lyrics from Thom Yorke, ultimately ending in a head-bobbing jam with Yorke Ooh-ing and Johnny Greenwood supplying some very In Rainbows-esque guitar licks. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one winds up as a B side on a future single, since the band is already set to release a series of 12″ remixes from The King of Limbs throughout the rest of the year.

Their last Basement session, following 2007’s gorgeous In Rainbows, was a real treat and from the look and sound of this video, we’re in for some more sweet fan service.

Via Pitchfork and Dead Air Space.

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