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Portishead release fall 2011 North Anerican tour dates – Chicago Music Industry |

Wow. It’s really happening.

Caribou/Jacques Greene Remixes – RADIOHEAD | Dead Air Space.

Great remixes of King of Limbs tracks. Wish I could find it on vinyl.

Radiohead debut a brand new song in their latest From The Basement recording session. Entitled Staircase, it features a jittery back beat from Phil Selway and guest artist Clive Deamer underneath a steady build of synths and simple staccato lyrics from Thom Yorke, ultimately ending in a head-bobbing jam with Yorke Ooh-ing and Johnny Greenwood supplying some very In Rainbows-esque guitar licks. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one winds up as a B side on a future single, since the band is already set to release a series of 12″ remixes from The King of Limbs throughout the rest of the year.

Their last Basement session, following 2007’s gorgeous In Rainbows, was a real treat and from the look and sound of this video, we’re in for some more sweet fan service.

Via Pitchfork and Dead Air Space.

NYU Offers DJ Class –

Got $5,200 to blow on learning to scratch?

My official birthday song is King of Spain by Swedish indie-folk star The Tallest Man On Earth. Officially.

Enjoy…and check out more of his tunes here.

So this happened…and it’s pretty awesome.

via Consequence of Sound.

Pitchfork: St. Vincent Announces New Album.

Great news. I’ll wait with baited breath.

Toro Y Moi: Chillwave artist plays rare acoustic set | Rolling Stone Live Videos.

Sweet acoustic set from Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi. Lately is a true standout. Always interesting to see an artist playing out of his normal element. Chillwave? Not so fast my friend.

Meet Sarah Jarosz, 20 year old bluegrass prodigy. According to her wiki, Sarah first picked up a mandolin at age 10, was jamming with Ricky Skaggs by 15, and signed a record deal and released her debut album Song Up In Her Head in 2009 while still a senior in high school.

Her sophomore effort, Follow Me Down, dropped earlier this year and serves as further proof of Jarosz’s considerable talent for songwriting and skilled musicianship – more impressive still: she recorded it while still handling a full course load at the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music.

Follow Me Down is an excellent album well worth repeated listening, featuring 9 original songs written and performed by Jarosz (with a little help from the likes of Bela Fleck, Vince Gill, Darrell Scott, and Punch Brothers) and 2 covers: Ring Them Bells by Bob Dylan and The Tourist by Radiohead. Jarosz is quite the Radiohead fan and the track My Muse was inspired by (at least in part) the work of Oxford’s favorite sons.


Of course, the classic Randy Savage¬†entrance music is “Pomp and Circumstance”, but I was always fond of his retooled ’90s theme music from his WCW (pre nWo, of course) days.

R.I.P. Macho Man.

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