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You like System of a Down?  I sure do.

You like Legos?  Who doesn’t?!

Then you’re sure to enjoy System of a Lego.

Meet Sarah Jarosz, 20 year old bluegrass prodigy. According to her wiki, Sarah first picked up a mandolin at age 10, was jamming with Ricky Skaggs by 15, and signed a record deal and released her debut album Song Up In Her Head in 2009 while still a senior in high school.

Her sophomore effort, Follow Me Down, dropped earlier this year and serves as further proof of Jarosz’s considerable talent for songwriting and skilled musicianship – more impressive still: she recorded it while still handling a full course load at the prestigious New England Conservatory of Music.

Follow Me Down is an excellent album well worth repeated listening, featuring 9 original songs written and performed by Jarosz (with a little help from the likes of Bela Fleck, Vince Gill, Darrell Scott, and Punch Brothers) and 2 covers: Ring Them Bells by Bob Dylan and The Tourist by Radiohead. Jarosz is quite the Radiohead fan and the track My Muse was inspired by (at least in part) the work of Oxford’s favorite sons.


Really feeling this track today.

From their excellent debut album Causers of This.  Homegrown sonic goodness.  Celebrate these fellas.


In light of the imminent apocalypse (more “information” on the May 21st doomsday can be found here), I thought that this public service announcement would behoove us all.  Enjoy, but more importantly, learn.

New Mix: Bon Iver, Dark Metal From Boris, Graveyard : NPR.

Nice mix from NPR’s All Songs Considered featuring a new track from Bon Iver and a track from one of Toft’s favorite acts – Boris.


We all know that beans and cornbread have a delicious relationship.  But was it always so?  Find out for yourself.  And I challenge you not to tap those toes.

The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes!”  Sometimes a band wows you with a sneaky cover.  New York based band Howth do just that with their take on “I Will Always Love You.”  The song starts off like a track that could have been included on the new Fleet Foxes album.  The lyrics are vaguely familiar until the chorus hits.  Oh yeah, it’s Dolly Parton!   Grab this track, put it on a mix with The White Stripes’ “Jolene,” and you have the beginning of a killer “indie rock does country” collection!

\”I WIll Always Love You\” by Howth

The Kills + Dub = Goodness

Via Pitchfork

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