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Who are Les Demoniaques, you ask?  They are a fuzzed out music project featuring Dee Dee Penny of Dum Dum Girls and Tamaryn.  On July 12, True Panther is releasing their cover of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s “Teenage Lust.”  

If that doesn’t do it for you, check out the cover art to the single.

NYU Offers DJ Class –

Got $5,200 to blow on learning to scratch?

Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys | Album review – Music – Time Out Chicago.

Best Review Ever?

He uses bee dick as a unit of measurement. That’s Pulitzer Prize material.

Scratch this one off the listen list. Yikes.

Pitchfork: Flying Lotus to Remix Radiohead?.

This match made in awesome is about to get even better, according to this rumor proliferated by Pitchfork.

Not sure if you’ve checked out any of FlyLo’s work, but Cosmogramma was definitely one of the best and most original albums of 2010. FlyLo’s music is dense and difficult, but at the same time incredibly listenable and ultimately rewarding.

Give it a try, ye thirsty fans of hip hop, trip hop, and electronica.

photo by Pentothol


That’s the link for Steve Albini’s blog where he talks about what he cooks his wife for dinner.

Albini lives here in Chicago, where his recording studio, Electrical Audio, is located, and his wife Heather is a manager at Second City where my roommates work.

Via Pitchfork.

On May 11th, we celebrated the 110th birthday of Robert Johnson, the grandfather of the Delta Blues.  Wait a minute…if Muddy Waters was the grandfather, then I guess that makes Mr. Johnson…the great-grandfather?

Either way, there’s no way anyone can listen to Johnson and not feel a weird sense of transported history.  Apart from his palpable contribution to Americana, he also brings with him an amazing body of folklore.

*                                      *                                      *

Just now, I was trying to see how much I could figure out about Robert Johnson via Wikipedia.  You know what?!?  Robert Johnson didn’t care about Wikipedia.  He was a man of the swamps.  (It should be noted at this point that nothing I write can be corroborated.)

From what I heard, there were only 2 or 3 legitimate photos of Robert Johnson taken that still exist today.  To boot, he sold his soul to the Devil at a crossroads.  In my book, that’s pretty B.A. and I think that Mr. Danzig would concur.

And so, we salute you, Mr. Johnson.  May your laments be the music to which we imbibe.

If you don’t listen to the track below, you’re an asshole.  And you hate Robert Johnson.

Robert Johnson – Crossroads

Brian Wilson planning to retire from touring next year | News | NME.COM.

Last chance to see the Beach Boy live is coming soon.

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