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Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys | Album review – Music – Time Out Chicago.

Best Review Ever?

He uses bee dick as a unit of measurement. That’s Pulitzer Prize material.

Scratch this one off the listen list. Yikes.

Interesting development in my Jam (Productions) Mail today.

Look who’s touring together this year.

What I’ve heard from the new Death Cab album I haven’t liked, so I’m interested in whether or not I’ll be swayed after repeated listens.

FR is strong as ever, of course. Go see them live. They put on an excellent show.

Really feeling this track today.

From their excellent debut album Causers of This.  Homegrown sonic goodness.  Celebrate these fellas.


New Mix: Bon Iver, Dark Metal From Boris, Graveyard : NPR.

Nice mix from NPR’s All Songs Considered featuring a new track from Bon Iver and a track from one of Toft’s favorite acts – Boris.


Pitchfork: Flying Lotus to Remix Radiohead?.

This match made in awesome is about to get even better, according to this rumor proliferated by Pitchfork.

Not sure if you’ve checked out any of FlyLo’s work, but Cosmogramma was definitely one of the best and most original albums of 2010. FlyLo’s music is dense and difficult, but at the same time incredibly listenable and ultimately rewarding.

Give it a try, ye thirsty fans of hip hop, trip hop, and electronica.

photo by Pentothol


That’s the link for Steve Albini’s blog where he talks about what he cooks his wife for dinner.

Albini lives here in Chicago, where his recording studio, Electrical Audio, is located, and his wife Heather is a manager at Second City where my roommates work.

Via Pitchfork.

Short film about the making of their new album Blood Pressures.

Today belongs to the Kills.

The Kills + Dub = Goodness

Via Pitchfork

Brian Wilson planning to retire from touring next year | News | NME.COM.

Last chance to see the Beach Boy live is coming soon.

This is, essentially, an ever-changing mixtape and forum for music discussion and sharing, as bandied about in many late night conversations over the last 3 or 4 years and in the making since the late nineties and early aughties.  This digital construct was recently proposed during an epic night of memory-making at Station 18 1/2,  Sullivan’s Island, SC, hence the name.

I think it a perfect moniker; “Station” as in a radio station that plays all of our old favorites and all of the favorites we’ve yet to discover; “18” as in we’ve come of age…as adults, we’re responsible for our own musical education; “1/2” because we’re not quite “there” yet and truly may never be…the conversation should never go silent because there is always more to be heard.

Since this conversation is as old as time (or at least as old as the friendships involved), this is not the beginning but the middle…and there is no end in sight.

And so I invite you all to formally join that which you’re already a part of.  Let’s put it on the record and make some records together.

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