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Whenever I hear of celebrities trying their hands at music, I always get a bit squeamish.  I instantly hear Eddie Murphy singing “Party All the Time” and then I can’t stop myself from doing “The Carlton”.  Needless to say, I get strange looks when this happens.

On the other hand, there are some definite success stories (and I’m specifically not talking about Scarlett Johnansson covering Tom Waits).  Phantom Planet, which featured Jason Schwartzman at one time, wasn’t half bad.  Zooey Deschanel’s has enjoyed moderate indie success playing in the group She & Him.

Then there’s Dead Man’s Bones featuring Ryan Gosling of Half Nelson-fame.  Check out the track below, My Body’s a Zombie for You (recorded in conjunction with the Flea-pioneered Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir).  Apart from the content of the song, which initially enticed me to check it out, it’s good stuff!


  1. I believe you mean “of The Notebook” fame. He was great in Half Nelson though, as well as Lars and the Real Girl. Definitely one of the best film actors of his generation. He’s also worth catching in Blue Valentine, as is the consistently good Michelle Williams. Gosling has an impressive ukelele performance early in the film. The man’s got talent.

  2. Agreed! Look for Gosling in a film that’s getting rave reviews at Cannes right not, Drive. I’ve seen a couple clips and it’s awesome.

    Every now and then you’ll find diamonds in not so rough diamonds. A couple other decents would include Johnny Depp, looking up his brief musical history is actually somewhat worth it, Steven Seagal, and this wonderful diddy ( from Rick Moranis.

    • Gosling would also know how to spell ‘ditty’ right… He’s so talented.

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